DockPanel XE Profiler

Last updated 11 November 2020.

 DockPanel XE Profiler - Performance troubleshooting and profiling for Dynamics NAV | BC and SQL Server

The V8 XE Profiler is a feature of V8 Search XE that displays a live display window with advanced events. This overview describes the reasons for using this profiler, its main features, and how to get started viewing advanced events.
Extended Events is a lightweight performance monitoring system that allows users to collect data needed to monitor and troubleshoot problems in SQL Server, especially in conjunction with dynamics NAV / Business Central.

This feature provides quick access to a live streaming view of diagnostic events in SQL Server generated by Dynamics NAV/BC. This view can be customized through various templates.
This live data window displays all logged T-SQL statements including the Dynamics NAV comments that provide the executed C/AL code. Displayed is each selected event, according to the default session definition (for example deadlocks or long durations).

 V8 XE Profiler basics

 Contains the following informational sections:
The first step in creating an advanced event to monitor database blocking is to check that all necessary functions are enabled for the V8 XE Profiler.


  • all V8 services are started (green) that are displayed in the tool window "V8 Service" (2).
    Start it when it is not running.

    Click Stop in the SQL Server Blocking menu. After a short while all V8 services displayed should be "red".
    Then click on "Start" in the "SQL Server Blocking" menu (7).
    After a short while all displayed V8 services should be "green". then the V8 services in your network are working correctly.

    If one or more services are still red, check the configuration of the V8 services on the respective computer. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please contact our support.

  • in the SQL Server Extended Events Treeview (3), locate the menu item:

    1. blocked_process
    2. long_duration
    3. V8_FullSQLNAV_Trace
    4. V8_User_NAV_Trace

    The services are started when you see the icon  . If the icon   is crossed out, the services are not started.

    To start or stop an XEvent session, right-click on the session and select Start Event Session or Stop Event Session.

    When you end an V8 XE Profiler session, stop the V8 services and the event sessions "V8_FullSQLNAV_Trace" and "V8_User_NAV_Trace" to avoid leaving the system unnecessarily. Right click on the session and select "Stop Event Session".

1 2.0
2 2.0
3 2.0
4 2.0
5 2.0
6 2.0

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